Start is an Idea Development Platform that takes embryo-stage startup, and through one-on-one consulting, brings them to life while taking both the idea and the entrepreneur to the next level.


To put it simply: We take your idea that is currently stuck in your head and makes it a living breathing reality by building a solid validation base. Then we prep you for your next moves.

Taking Your Idea To The Next Level

The way we do this is by pairing each entrepreneur or team with a consultant. The consultant and the team will work together to find the best way to bring the idea to a validation phase by following the outlines of:


  1. Business Canvas - Blueprinting idea and it’s parameters

  2. Intense Market Research

  3. KYC - Finding Your Best Consumers

  4. MVP - Building a usable platform with the least amount of money

In addition, participants will have access to an entrepreneur out of the school that can mentor them when needed. This is a person that has been there and done it with years of experience in order to help their idea move forward.

Personal Work on your idea

Taking You To The Next Level


The goal of the program is to take both the idea and the participant to the next level.

In order to achieve this, we have set up a few things in order to accommodate you on the journey there.


Entrepreneurship is about a team effort. For this reason, all participants will have access to a database which includes all potential partners in order to build a team from all skills in the school. This can range from a technological partner to a marketing partner.

This helps those that come without a team find one and helps teams find their missing piece.


Finally, at the end of the program, we will have intense workshops in order to work on skills that will benefit the participants in the future, whether that be pitching, branding, and more.

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The Team

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General Manager


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