The fast-growing field of innovation and technology has created a new field - Digital Health.

We, at the Pulse program believe that the rapid change in the healthcare world will come from a wide range of people from different fields, and not just from medical professionals.


The goal of the Pulse program is to expose students to the digital health field by presenting the problems that exist in the market and provide them with tools and resources in the field of entrepreneurship.


The program connects students with the most relevant companies in the market, the most promising startups, and digital healthcare investors. We do this by bringing key people in the industry who accompany and present to us about the most challenging issues that exist today in the healthcare world.


In our program we learn to develop solutions for these challenges through different ideas, management, marketing, legal, technological and psychological aspects. Students who complete our program leave with extensive knowledge about telemedicine.


In addition, students develop strong connections to the industry, as well as acquire the ability to integrate into the market. If you are a student who is passionate about entrepreneurship or telemedicine, love to be exposed to new areas and also want to do meaningful things, then, Pulse is the place for you!

Wednesday | 19:30