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The Program

Mentor Driven, Academy backed, Community-powered

Semester-long acceleration program

The intense 3-Month acceleration program is designed to educate, inspire and support entrepreneurs.  

Our selected entrepreneurs collaborate with our partners, alumni, and mentors in order to advance their ventures far more then they thought was possible in a short time.

We accept start-ups from all fields in the early-stage / first customers phase and use every resource to provide an unmatched level of support. 

The end of the program is marked by our Demo day event. 
A massive event with up to 100+ investors, partners and other industry leaders all there to find the next big thing.

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We focus on mentor-driven 


Industry leaders, coming together.

Momentum is focused on mentor-driven acceleration since day one. 
We believe that there's nothing better than learning from experience, and we work day and night to recruit the best industry leaders in the country for our startups.
Our mentors provide our chosen startups with unparalleled insight, support and advice into many and varied industries and the development life cycle. 
Ranging from Finance, Product, Marketing & Branding to advanced Business Model and entrepreneurship methodologies - Our Mentors all come together to skyrocket our startups.

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Powered By Community

Graduating Momentum is just the beginning.

The 3-Month acceleration program is just the start. 
After graduating from Momentum you will become a part of our Alumni community.
We strive to constantly enrich, inform and connect our community of Alumni in any way possible. 

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Backed By Academy

Based in the IDC, Connected everywhere.

Momentum is a proud member of the Israeli Interdisciplinary center college. 
Based in the IDC's entrepreneurship club, Momentum has long acted as the club's leading program and a pinnacle of the club's efforts to create an entrepreneurial knowledge center.
Our vast academic connections allow us to reach almost anyone, and take our Alumni wherever they need to go.