Meet the people who are

revolutionizing the way we handle money


In this 9-week program, the participants will meet and engage with leaders from the Financial Technology Industry to discuss the changing world of finance, including digital banking, money and payment, and much more.


We will explore major technology trends such as Blockchain, AI (Artificial Intelligence), and Big-Data and understand their role in this ongoing revolution.

Students will cooperate with mentors from FinTech Start-ups to compete in solving real problems for a large financial institution.

Industry-leading lecturers & mentors

Practical Workshops

Events & Networking

Engaging Community

Social & Personal  Development

If you have a strong entrepreneurial motivation, interest in finance & money, and are a technology enthusiast, this program is right for you!

You will meet people with whom you can and will be encouraged to collaborate and venture on projects.

The program will connect you to a set of mentors that can guide and support any entrepreneurial venture you may have.

19:00 -




Held in 




Some events may take place outside of the IDC campus.

Attendance in all 10 meetings is required.

Applications for the management team are open