What is your dream?

That’s the question we asked teenagers in central Israel.

We got many answers like lawyers, engineers, actors, singers, start a family, open a restaurant, be a businessman, athletes and more.


We asked the exact same question, teenagers at-risk who lives in a hostel in Herzliya. And there we got different answers.

None of them said they wanted to be an actor, a lawyer or a doctor. In fact, none of them answered.

They have no dreams, and if they had they would not share them with anyone as they didn't believe they could come true.

This is what we want to change.


We are students at the IDC and taking part in "Rabin" Leadership Program (RLP). We established the venture “Just Dream”. The goal is to make these boys develop dreams and aspirations and even realize their dreams. The program is designed for those who don't dream out loud, to those who don't believe that it is permissible to dream and that it is possible to make it come true.

Professional Dreams Workshop

Tours in world of employment

Tours in academy and army

Personal and group accompany of the kids

Realization of a dream of every kid

The program consists of 11 meetings in which we will accompany teenagers at-risk, and in each meeting, every boy will tell his dream out loud and will work to make it real.

In the weekly meetings, the boys will be exposed to new ideas and options, whether in the world of employment academy and army, through tours, to understand what they can become in the future, and see that it is possible.


Part of the program is a professional workshop whose goal is to find the personal dream that each of them wants to achieve and in the end, they will also realize it.

You can volunteer to complete “volunteering hours” for your scholarship.

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If you are looking for an amazing experience that is satisfying and meaningful, and if you are looking to help someone who really needs it - join us.

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