The Program

The Tamid program combines business education and acquiring experience working with companies.

Tamid IDC is one of 46 chapters around the world under the same organization working for one goal: working with and for the Israeli start-up eco system. All of the students worldwide are provided with the tools and connections for us to benefit from one another as much as possible and reach the best results.

The program revolves around making the students ready for the real world of consulting and fund investments through education and then implementing it.

Who Is It For?

The program is meant for all IDC students that have an interest in consulting and investment funds who are prepared to work hard to earn some real life experience in the industry.

Our participants we’ll be part of an international community and have connections all over the world. Tamid participants think outside the box and are ready for any curveball that’s thrown at them.

Program Overview

The program is year long while each semester has a different curriculum. The first semester is dedicated to learning the ropes combining educational lessons and workshops with meetings with leading characters in the Israeli market.

When second semester arrives our students are ready for their real life experience to start: consulting for companies in the Israeli market and building an investment portfolio with real companies.

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