The Program

The FinTech program opens the door to the innovative and entrepreneurial world of Financial Technology. A vast field, yet to be explored by the IDC Entrepreneurship Program, seems crazy right?

We understand, that although the word FinTech may sound scary and unfamiliar, much of its subsidiaries are common applications and services that we use each and every day. It would be such a loss to turn down an entire field of possibilities, simply because the proper platform for breaking into this field, was not offered.

We believe, that the Fintech club will serve an integral role in opening up this ever-advancing field and will broaden our creative minds to all the possibilities that exist. We belong to such a unique generation; no one understands these concepts as well as we do.

Whether you take it easy and VenMo or your primary idea of fun is mining for BitCoins on a Sunday afternoon, there’s no doubt that the appropriate place to learn about this unique and advanced world, is right here, in the Startup Nation. 

The People

The program is intended for students with a professional connection to the field and a goal of connecting academic studies with financial innovation. This is important because a bulk of our material will stem from the financial services and tech industries, including banking, insurance, VCs, and academia.

While we don’t require you to be your very own Elon Musk, a necessary passion, drive and overall excitement for the field is necessary.

We will be meeting on a weekly basis, so availability and attendance is an important factor in ensuring a productive partnership. The club will consist of around 30 members, all of whom will be hand selected on a compatibility basis.

The Overview

The exciting syllabus will consist of guest speakers, hands-on projects and panel discussions that will engage students and professionals with the latest ideas, trends, and developments in FinTech.

The material will range all across the financial and technological spectrum. Everything from raising capital, to secure cryptocurrencies, and even the transformation of banking, will be covered.

The program will also have a built-in, field experience curriculum, which will encourage the most in-depth exploration of the endless world of Financial Technology.


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The Team

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