The Program

The ARTEMIS program is fully dedicated to the goal of adding value and purpose to its participants. ARTEMIS was “born and raised” in the Entrepreneurial environment, and therefore it is only natural that it is an entrepreneurship program. ARTEMIS is a first of its kind concept, which focuses on women’s entrepreneurship and leadership.

The program was established for young female entrepreneurs that are students at IDC. It is an extracurricular program, which is part of the IDC Entrepreneurship Club, and operates within it. The program will accept between 20-30 students on each semester.

ARTEMIS aims to spot all gifted young ladies and provide them with the knowledge, tools and confidence, in order for them to pursue their ventures and flourish.

Who Is It For?

The Artemis Program is for students who are interested in becoming an active and vibrant part of the Israeli entrepreneurial scene.

We believe in TALENT, INNOVATION and HARD WORK. Although the program is intended for women, and although it fully engages in womens entrepreneurship, we would absolutely love to have male participants as well.

Artemis was built upon the following core values:
Responsibility — Leadership — Entrepreneurship

We believe in actions, not words, and that is exactly what we are looking for in our participants.

Program Overview

The program is a semester long program of 8 meetings, when the students exposes to meetings with entrepreneurs women from various fields – from women who stand at the head of start-ups and lead their companies to exits to women who stands in the head of Venture Capital funds and more.
The students will receive as well tools and workshops for the entrepreneur world such as Ideation, Marketing, how to Present a product to investors and Pitch workshop.

The purpose of the above is to make sure that the participants will have a good start as a beginners’ entrepreneurs and have all the tools they need to proceed to their next level- building their own venture.

The Team

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