About the IEC

The IDC Entrepreneurship Club

A student-run platform for creating and encouraging entrepreneurship among IDC Herzliya students and nurturing a culture of entrepreneurship on campus. The club strives to provide each student with practical tools and knowledge in various fields of entrepreneurship. The club also facilitates networking with other entrepreneurial students and with frontrunners in the fields of technology and business.

The Adelson School of Entrepreneurship (ASE)

At the IDC Herzliya provides students with the training, expertise, and resources needed to launch the next generation of successful Israeli ventures, while strengthening and cultivating the country’s startup ecosystem. As the focal point of all entrepreneurship on campus, the ASE offers undergraduate and graduate-level experiential learning that combines academics with hands-on entrepreneurship opportunities beyond the classroom.

IDC Herzliya

A dream realized. IDC is an academic institution that changed the face of higher education in Israel and became a successful, pioneering model and a source of inspiration.

Founded by renowned Israeli Professor Uriel Reichman in 1994, IDC Herzliya is a non-profit organization modeled after Ivy League universities in the U.S. In the twenty years since its establishment, IDC Herzliya’s success has drawn both international recognition and some of the finest lecturers and researchers from around the world to our doorstep.

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